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The Flagstaff Surgical Center is a newly built State-of-the-Art private Outpatient Surgical Center in Flagstaff.  We built this surgical center in an effort to help assist the people of Flagstaff – both patients and providers – who are in need of Gold Standard healthcare.

This Class C Outpatient Surgical Center has a 500-square-foot operating room, 2 pre-operative bays, and 3 post-operative recovery bays.  It is equipped for any surgeon that can perform his/her procedures in an outpatient facility.  As well, we have 5 spacious clinic/exam rooms in the adjacent suite available.

The purpose of The Flagstaff Surgical Center is for patients and providers to have another option when making his/her healthcare decisions.  Flagstaff is a “boutique” style surgical center where every person who enters feels safe, secure, and comfortable.  Medical procedures can be extremely stressful; so, creating a calm and soothing environment was very crucial to the owners’ vision of Flagstaff.

Our staff is highly qualified as far as medical knowledge is concerned, but they are also caring, compassionate, and friendly.  We empathize with our patients and understand that sometimes just a nice smile and a friendly face can make all the difference. When you become a patient with The Flagstaff Surgical Center you become part of our extended family of happy patients.

We are looking forward to meeting the people of Flagstaff and proving that we are the Gold Standard Surgical Center for patients and providers alike. 

Thank you much!

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Flagstaff Surgical Center specializes in assisting its patients with the hassles involved in an auto accident.

  • We treat each patient on a lien basis which means the patient receives care without paying for any services out of pocket.
  • The patient will receive the highest degree of medical care while the legal case is pending.
  • Our staff is highly trained in coordinating care with the patient’s primary care physician, his/her lawyer and/or insurance carrier in order to assure the best possible outcome for the patient.
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The nursing staff and pain management doctors are extremely helpful. They helped me understand what was going on. No other doctor that I have seen took the time to explain my health problems.
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Michelle Dominichi


Flagstaff Surgical Center’s staff also specializing in assisting patients with Workmen’s Compensation Claims.

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We Are Here To Serve Victims of Flagstaff Car Accidents and Work Comp Injuries. We work with Your Medical Doctor, Chiropractor and Your Legal Representative. Click Below For More Information!!
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