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Flagstaff Ambulatory Surgical Center Is A State Of The Art Private Surgical Center and Interventional Pain Management Healthcare Facility Where Our Surgeons and Pain Management Specialist Work Closely With Your Medical Doctor, Chiropractic Physician And Legal Representative Offering A “Team” Approach To Combine The Highest Quality Care With Sophisticated Diagnostic Testing leading To The Best Possible Treatment Solution For Your Specific Health Concerns And Issues.

We proudly serve Flagstaff, Downtown Flagstaff, Kachina Village, Doney Park, Pine Canyon, Railroad Springs, Flagstaff Ranch, Forest Highlands, Cheshire and Southside Neighborhood in Arizona

Choosing The Right Surgical Center Flagstaff Arizona

Reasons To Give The Flagstaff Surgical Center A Call

  • We Provide Surgery Suites for medical professionals to provide their respective surgical protocols and integrated pain management procedures.
  • We currently are seeking to work with local Surgeons, Podiatrists, Interventional Pain Management specialists and Chiropractors who seek to perform their services in an Arizona Certified Surgical Center.
  • Flagstaff Surgical and Pain Management Center was created to provide an integrated approach to help auto accident victims and Work Comp patients receive the best care possible, as well general surgery.
  • Our ownership team and staff are committed to providing a “patient comes first” environment.
  • With the boutique and gold standard philosophy of our team, each patient will be scheduled timely and at the patient’s convenience.
  • We promises to make every effort to sustain the most comfortable environment for each
    patient’s specific needs.
  • No surprise billing – Our charges are always discussed with each patient prior to any treatment
    being rendered.
  • If you are a physician and tired of not having complete control over your surgical schedule, surgical staff, or just want to expand yourfinancial future, theFlagstaff Surgical Center Team has several options for you.
  • Give the office a call and ask for Justin who will answer any questions you may have about the exciting option of owning your own surgical center.

The Flagstaff Surgical Center –  Flagstaff Arizona

Call Us Today 928-379-7269

  • Our staff is highly trained in the personal injury arena. The staff will coordinate care and keep the attorney advised as the patient’s care progresses.
  • At the end of the patient’s treatment protocol, a Settlement Packet is created and delivered to the attorney with all necessary documentation including the diagnostic records, complete chart notes, and all patient billing records.
  • It is the standard for Aurora to always make sure the attorney and patient are financially satisfied at the end of the patient’s personal injury case.

Featured Procedures:

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