Work Injuries

Are You Or A Loved One Suffering from a Work Related Injury?

Work injuries can be particularly stressful, not only emotionally and physically, but financially as well. The most common types of work related injuries are in the back and neck. Back and neck injuries account for almost 90% of injuries happening in the work place
West Valley Pain Solutions your go to pain management clinic in Phoenix, AZ, for workers compensation accidents and resulting injuries, also known as workman’s compensation or work comp injuries. OUR board certified doctors treat neck pain, back pain, head pain, pelvic pain that resulted from work comp (on the job) injuries. Treatment at West Valley Pain Solutions treats the root cause of your pain by employing interventional pain management protocols designed to decrease and alleviate your source of pain where it starts.
Our doctors and staff are well versed in all aspects of your Workman’s compensation case both medical and legal issues that are crucial for your work comp case to go as smoothly as possible.

You Do Not Need a Referral To Visit Our Offices If You Were Injured In A Work Related Accident.

You can simply call our office and set an appointment. All of our treatment protocols are approved work comp treatments recognized by the Industrial Commission of Arizona and the State Compensation Fund of Arizona.

We work With Your Chiropractor, Medical Doctor and legal representatives.

If you have been unfortunate enough to experience an auto injury or work injury, you can benefit from Arizona’s leading workers compensation pain management and treatment clinic. We strive to work with your doctors as well as your lawyer, if you need one, to get you the most efficient treatment to get you the relief you deserve. Many ties your Chiropractor or Medical doctor will need to refer for pain management to help get you over the higher threshold of pain so you can receive optimal results from your ongoing Chiropractic care or Physical therapy program.

Even if you are attending your employers preferred healthcare provider you can still get further services for your treatment.

Although Arizona Employers are required to provide and pay for all necessary medical and/ or chiropractic care for work comp injuries thy typically want you to see “their healthcare providers”. So once you begin care with the employer’s chosen provider if you feel that you are not getting the care you need or if you feel you are not getting better fast enough you are entitled to switch providers. This is an easy process and can be completed within a few visits to your new provider.

 If Injured at work you have the right to seek the type of care you rightfully deserve.

Every injured employee is allowed to receive reasonable and proper medical and/or chiropractic care to relieve effects of work comp injuries to help return you to pre-injury status. You can employ the services of a workers compensation Doctor of Chiropractic, Medical Doctor, surgeon, nursing or hospital facilities for your work comp treatment of your choice.

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Flagstaff Surgical Center specializes in assisting its patients with the hassles involved in an auto accident.

  • We treat each patient on a lien basis which means the patient receives care without paying for any services out of pocket.
  • The patient will receive the highest degree of medical care while the legal case is pending.
  • Our staff is highly trained in coordinating care with the patient’s primary care physician, his/her lawyer and/or insurance carrier in order to assure the best possible outcome for the patient.
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The nursing staff and pain management doctors are extremely helpful. They helped me understand what was going on. No other doctor that I have seen took the time to explain my health problems.
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Michelle Dominichi


Flagstaff Surgical Center’s staff also specializing in assisting patients with Workmen’s Compensation Claims.

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We Are Here To Serve Victims of Flagstaff Car Accidents and Work Comp Injuries. We work with Your Medical Doctor, Chiropractor and Your Legal Representative. Click Below For More Information!!
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